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I'm not out of the water yet, but the shoreline is closer

So, 820 days ago I decided things have to change. It has been a terribly long journey since then, difficult in fact, Indescribably painful at times... But finally, I have hope.

I am not out of the water yet, but I'm getting close. For the first time in my struggle with diabetes, my A1C is below 6.0. The amazing thing is that I did this medication free and solely by exercise ( I would say diet too, but as of late, I've been eating terrible!). My fasting blood glucose was at 104. This is all amazing news!! I need to have more blood work in 3 months to test again (and I'll do them every 3 months for the rest of my life probably), but the downward trend is awesome.

My Dr. tells me I'm technically not considered diabetic any longer! I'm in the "per-diabetes" phase, or in my case post-diabetes phase. We need at least one more test in three months to confirm, but... holy crap!!

Diabetics (type 1 & 2) should aim to keep their A1C under 7.0 and fasting levels under 140. Non-diabetics should have an A1C of under 6.0 and fasting levels under 100. So, you can see I'm on the high end of non-diabetics, and the low end of diabetics. This is more than amazing - I said it before I did it without medication!

I have felt selfish in this latest endeavor I've been trying - but now I know it is okay. It's okay that I'm taking the time, because I'm adding time to my life!

M & M have been supportive of me taking hours on Saturday to run, late night work hours in addition to the 5+ mile day run/walks. They have encouraged me, and given me the strength to continue when I really just wanted to sleep in. M I love you for this. Thank you. MJ you're the best kid ever, THE BEST!

I owe a huge deal of thanks to my co-workers, S, R, Z, & S, who are supportive of me, don't fret when I leave to run during the day, and put up with me talking about it all the time. I'm happy to call you all friends.

I also owe a huge thanks to my friend J, who made me realize I need to step it up. This is MY life and there is no reason why I shouldn't be living it the way I want to, that I can't allow fear to make decisions for me. I can change, and I did... I stepped up to this half-marathon challenge, and it has changed my life. Thank you for everything pal.

For my runner friends M & K. Thank you girls! Without you, I couldn't have done this. And yes M - Warner 5.8, you and me! (slowly, I'm still a turtle!)

I'm a 5.8. A year ago I was a 7.5. But now, I AM A 5.8!! Thank you everyone who has encouraged me, I encourage you to step up, do something challenging - I'll be there to support you, because I owe you one.

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