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It's time to get uncomfortable, comfort follows...

I haven't written anything in nearly two months, and I'm not sure where the time has gone, to be honest! I mean, we are already into two months of school, Halloween is upon us and it's almost day light savings time! How did this happen?!?

I realize the past few months I have not been very comfortable. Things just haven't been feeling right... The other night, I couldn't get comfortable while sleeping. I was tossing and turning... I picked up my phone to read some news, I got up and got a drink, I walked downstairs. Then, finally I got back into bed. I scooted way down and laid on my stomach. I was so far down the bed that just the tips of my toes were hanging off the end. Normally, I hate to have any part of my body hanging off of the bed, (I'm sure that stems from some childhood nightmare!) but the other night, it just felt right. I quickly fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I remembered that position and rolled over into it again. I was instantly comfortable! This really made me think, I haven't been exercising, I have gained more weight than I should have this summer (stress and me don't go well together), and I was really feeling like all my hard work over the past few years was just going down the drain. But then it hit me... You have to get uncomfortable to GET comfortable again.

I realized I've been feeling so uncomfortable about things over the past few months. Finally, I realized I could start to feel comfortable again, with just a few simple shifts. If I could do that with my sleep, why couldn't I do that with other parts of my life like my exercise habits that have fallen by the wayside? I totally can!

So that's why, as I admit to the public, I will be doing my first 30 Day Challenge in a year! I'm not going to share exactly what it is yet, but it involves P90x3 and yoga AND it involves 65 days - now through December 31. Details about individual portions of the challenge might be shared soon!

I'm okay with uncomfortable, because it makes me appreciate and strive for comfort.

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