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Winner or Wiener: The Croods

After the movie: all smiles

M and I have a long standing scale as to whether we liked something or not. Is it a winner, or is it a wiener? No other scale accurately reflects likability as this one. Either it's a winner, or it's a wiener. No in betweens. Simple.

The Croods - winner or wiener?

First of all, I had really high hopes for this movie, after all they've been showing previews for months and months. The animation looked good, the storyline fun, and so very colorful. The previews made me want to see more.

The movie turned out to be very colorful and pretty, but I felt a lot lacking in terms of character development. Yes, it's an animated movie intended for a PG audience. Maybe I shouldn't expect much character development, but I do. I never really felt what any of the characters were feeling. I wasn't impressed. It was too rushed, but yet still felt long.

The animals and creatures in the Croods were cute and colorful, but they lacked personality and it almost seemed as though they were developed late one night with no further development.

So, is it worth the cost of matinee tickets on a Friday afternoon and a small popcorn? Absolutely. But only because I got to spend that time with the sweetest six year-old. Is the movie otherwise a winner?


The Croods. Wiener. A complete wiener.